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Thread: input please

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    input please

    First off, sorry that this thread is in the wrong forum, but I put it in the supplement forum and got zero responses, and since this is where the general population is, I figured I'd give it a shot here.

    OK, I do not like to eat a whole lot right before I go lift (sh**ty feeling IMO). I lift in the evenings to work around my school and work schedules. Soooo, right after my workout, I take a weight gainer w/about 650 calories in it. My question is: am I benefiting from the calorie intake that late in the evening (I go to bed about 2 hours after my workout, which means I drink the weight gainer about an hour 1/2 before bed)? Will all of these calories before bedtime promote fat gain, or will my body metabolize and utilize these calories as if I were awake???

    Thanks, just don't wanna get fat,

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    bump, and it starts again...

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    Nothing wrong with that. You need some simple sugars in your PWO. Most recommend 2x as much sugar (dexrose) as protein. If you can, 1 hour after the shake, try to eat before you go to sleep. And no, you wont store it as fat as long as you workout that day.

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