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    Help on 16 week cycle

    I made a big mistake this time by not buying all my gear before I started my cycle. Heres the problem.....I bought 20 amps of SUS and two vials of DECA 300.....and 200/5mg dbols... The 20 amps I bought were the last my supplier had and he said he was getting more soon so I went ahead and started the cycle as follows:

    Wks 1-13 Deca 450mg
    Wks 1-14 Sus 500mg
    Wks 10-16 Dbol 25mg ed (to finish cycle still gaining)

    I'm now at week 9 and I only have two amps of sustanon left and it looks like i'm not going to be getting anymore. Enanthate is available but if I buy a 10 ml vial and shoot it 500mg a week for wks 10-14 will it be worth it. I know the long ester tests usually take 4-6 weeks to kick in so should I switch to enanthate or just start the Dbol (maybe up the dosage a little) and end in week 13 or 14.

    Gains have been great by the way I'm up from 204 to 226...hoping for 12lb more from the dbol.

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    just switch to the enan, will make no difference to you bud.

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    Yes make the switch to the enanthate , it will be fine, the sust has long esters in it as well as short.

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