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    Does Anyone Know How Sources actually get em?

    Hey bros

    I was wondering if any of you knew how sources actually get thier gear.

    Im not asking for how any specific source gets em, but just in general. I know a fe pharmacists here in the U.S. who are my friends (not bodybuilders, just regular ol friends that have provided me with other meds before), and wondering if its even worth asking them for gear. I know in the US gear is really controlled and heavily regulated, but Im just curious to know to what extent


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    It's perfectly legal in many countries to walk into pharmacies and buy the gear or have them ship it to you...I'm sure bigtime sources buy strait from the labs...

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    I would say they have sources they get it from, either it's a pharmacy or another dealer...let's not forget russian mafia...XXL

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    oversee's there mostly legal, but US doesn't have custums, my brothers friend works for custom's, for help or need info pm me, hope this helped

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