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    Question Slow gains mean More kept gains?

    JACKED! I got jacked by a scammer and now I am really feeling like me and AS just weren't meant to be! I've been wanting to do them for quite some months now, but I can seem to ever score. Oh WELL ! Anyhow I still have questions about them. Can I use a deca with what to get gains but obtain them slowly and with little side effects. I hear that slow gains means that you can retain most of it easier than with a rapid gain? Is that true? Also, what kinda stack with deca would do me well?

    Thanks fella for the help on my last question!

    "Go BIG or go home!"

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    you live in AZ. make the trip down south,..............mix w/ test.......

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    I would mix deca with t200(effective and cheap) Maybe something like this 400mgdeca/500mgtest.Yes mix it together, itll help lessen the mild pain and also be benificial to the deca dick.

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    hey man i no the feeling of getting scammed!!! if you ever have any questions pm me, hope you find i honest source

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    In my experience slow steady gains from a mild cycle are the easiest to keep.

    Like the others said, use deca with test is probably the way to go.

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