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    Prop/Eq & Clomid question

    I'm about to start
    EQ 400mg/wk
    Prop 300mg/wk
    Proviron 50mg/ED

    Since I'm running Eq and Prop for about 15 weeks, I hear that instead of using HCG I can use Clomid. Some say to use it throughout the cycle while others say only use it during pct. If I was running it for a shorter time I wouldn't think about Clomid during a cycle but 15 weeks is a stretch.

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    My last cycle was pretty much the same thing your running except I threw in var instead of proviron . I didn't even use Clomid for PCT. Nolvadex and Tribex works much better IMO and I ran it 15 weeks. I've used clomid once and won't ever use it again. Nolva is better with less sidesl and requires less dosage.

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    I just got done running prop for 12 weeks, and I am DEF using clomid.

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