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    Didnt do PCT, but I feel fine. Should I do it now?

    I ended a cycle short due to a move and lack of a solid workout sched. Did about 7 weeks of Test/Tren , maybe a little less. Due to the move I ended up not having my PCT supplies with me. I ended this 'cycle' more than a month ago, about 2 months now, and other than some acne (which i have never suffered from before) I feel fine in regards to sex drive, sense of wellbeing, etc..I really do feel normal.

    Question is, should I still do a round of PCT even though its been nearly 2 months? I would like to start my next one sometime soon. I feel I was robbed last time and I am very anxious to start again now that I am settled.

    Anxious of your replies, thanks.

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    The point of no return.
    A blood test would give you a definitive answer to your question.

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    I've never used pct. when do you plan to run your next cycle. i'd probably wait till then

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    Skip the PCT, although nothing beats a blood test.

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