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    Smile Frontloading Test and Deca

    i'm going to be doing 500mg of test e and 200mg of deca how would i frontload both. i'm going to be taking 250mg of test on mon and thurs and deca every mon.
    i think it would be like this
    1000mg of test on the first mon.
    400mg of deca on the first mon.
    250mg of test that thur
    200mg of deca that following mon
    250mg of test that mon also
    and then so on ...
    correct me if i'm wrong please!!

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    I dont understand why your taking the 1000 mg shot on the first dose. I would just start at 250mg. i never read or heard of this frontloading

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    Well, I'm not really a believer in frontloading. And unless you are using the deca for joint support only, 200mg EW is too low a dose.

    To front load the test I'd suggest doing double the dose the first week. And 1.5 times the dose the second week.

    To front load the deca I'd suggest doing double the dose the first week, double the dose the second week.

    It is not necessary to inject 1000mg in one day. You could spread the injections out during the course of the week. For example 250mg on monday, tuesday, thursday & saturday.

    Here's what I usually suggest for a test deca cycle:

    1-14 Test E or C @ 600mg EW
    1-12 Deca @ 400mg EW
    1-16 HCG @ 300-500IUs E3-5D
    1-16 Nolva @ 10mg ED
    1-16 Vit B-6 @ 200mg ED
    1-20 A-Dex @ .25mg ED
    17-20 Nolva @ 20mg ED
    17-20 Clomid @ 100mg ED

    Run PCT for four weeks or until you fully recover.

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    Thanks for the tip i'll take it in to consideration. my original stack was gonna be
    1-12 Test E @ 500mg EW
    1-10 Deca @ 200mg EW
    1-12 Vit B-6 @ 200mg ED
    1-12 Letro @ .5mg EOD
    12-16 Nolva @ 40mg ED
    12-16 Clomid @100mg ED

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