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    question about hgh??

    hey bros
    i was just wondering does hgh pramote growth in hight??if so does anybody have a link or any info on this topic.i was hopeing to gain an inch or two help on this topic would be much appreciated.
    by the way i have been on the board for about 6 months now and i think you guys do a great job some poeple just don't want to listen i guess.
    ok then peace out

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    As far as I am aware GH cannot make you taller!

    It does make you grow but that growth would be outwards rather than upwards since your growth plates are closed. And if they are not.... you realy are too young to be considering GH!

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    kaz is right,if large amounts are taken you will get undisered growth,intestines heart,nose ,forehead joints and freaky shit like that at the same time if taken correctly and not abused ,it is the safest drug out there.

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