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Thread: Anadrol Dosage

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    Anadrol Dosage

    Ok, I am starting my anadrol /test e/Tren e cycle. How much anadrol should I take ed? I was going to take 1 50mg tab in the moring and 1 miday around 5 pm for a total of 100mg a day. Is this too much. I want to play it safe with the oral stuff. I will be taking the anadrol for 6 weeks max. I may cut it down to 4 weeks depending on the sides. My sides are usually less on anadrol than dbol for some reason.

    This is about my 5th cycle, I am 6'2", 225lbs. I took anadrol before @50mg a day, but have been reading alot that people suggest at least 100mg a day. Most of my cycles are usually test e.

    Like I said, I want to be somewhat safe with this stuff. I will be taking milk thistle while running the entire cycle. THXS!

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    1-4 Anadrol @ 100mg ED

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    75-100mg's should be fine for the 4 weeks

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