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    Oct 2005

    Arrow please help,on a time limit,gear leaving town

    my 1st cycle that im still on consists of
    1-4 d-bol 50mged
    1-10 deca 400mg ew
    1-12 test 400, 500mg ew
    9-14 winny.40mg ed

    Now i want my next cycle to be a cut but still gain hard muscle almost a fat burner,i hav 14 weeks of test e what should i stack it with for what im triing to accomplish,im 5 foot 11,240lbs ,worked out most of life...thanx guys my dude will be here in 30 min with a huge supply,he has everything ..

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    well you can still burn fat on a cycle depending on your diet / cardio habits. the test will more than likely bloat you up with water, but you should be fine.

    maybe think about some EQ

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    Oct 2005
    what about trenabol depot by b.d.

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    test, tren eq.

    test, eq. anavar /winni

    test, tren, anavar/winni

    just a few ideas.....

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