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    test and estrogen!!!!!!!

    ok well as you all know i got a poss of steroids charge and am on probation, so i have to do everything by the book. my doc is for going to put me on hrt because of hypogondism. im going to keep filling the bottles with other test i have as well. i am a little out of shape and low test levels are making me feel like shit. im going to hit the test at 800-1000 a week. im 32 and have never done that much, i am currently taking arimdex cause i was taking clomid and it packed the pounds on me. if im over weight and my natural test levels are below 100 will shooting 800 mg a week make me more fat or will it start the lean muscle i once had a couple of years ago??? with proper diet and workouts???? thanks

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    as long as you use dex ( or preferably aromasin , maybe letro) you will not have issues with oestrogenic fat gain.

    yes it will help you to restore your lean muscle

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