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    How would you line up PCT when using NPP & Cyp

    I decided to switch deca 's in my upcoming cycle. I will be using NPP with my Cyp and I was wondering how I should go about my PCT since NPP is out of the body quicker then Decanoate. Normally you would stop the decanoate 2 weeks earlier then the test so the PCT times would line up. Do I run the NPP all the way up to week 15 with the test? Here is what my cycle looks like.

    Test Cypionate 600mg 1-15 300mg shot Mon & Fri
    Durabolin (NPP) 500mg 1-15 125mg eod M-W-F-Sun ???
    Dbol 35mg 1-4 1 hour prior to working out the whole dose

    Is that the right way to run the NPP in my listed cycle since it has a shorter half-life?

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    Looks good to me. I like to spread out my dbol as large single doses give me large headaches.

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