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    Hi my name is Anthony. I am currently on a cycle of Tokyo Deca , which is 300mg in a 10cc bottle. I want to bulk up but also get cut, so with it i am taking ripped fuel extreme and tonalin CLA, and creatine, is this to much, or am i gonna be counterproductive with the steroid and ripped fuel.

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    Don't ever take ripped fuel and creatine. Not only is it counterproductive. Its dangerous.

    IMO you need to read up on anabolics. I would stop everything for now and study a lot more.

    Plus the name is a little dangerous. I'd change it if I were you

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    what should i do than

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    He just told you.

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    ok, i'll break down what Ron told you (he is EXACTLY right!!!)
    1. Stop what you are doing (the AS)
    2. Stop using creatine and ripped fuel (some say your ripping the water out of your system that the creatine is helping you your filling up a ballon with a hole in it)
    3. Do some research before you begin with the AS again
    4. And for your own safety---change your screen name--it could lead you into a world of hurt.

    hope that was simple enough

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    IronCy is dead on about changing the screen name. If that is really your email address, you are leading the authorites to your home address (via AOL billing address) and you are admitting to committing a crime.

    Mods--somebody should delete this guys acccount for his own safety....

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    his account doesn't have to be deleted because I'm told that you can simply PM ptbyjason and he will change your name...

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