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Thread: Any idea?

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    Any idea?

    Having numbness in my right pinky and my arms and shoulders are killing me, all this started 2 days ago in my bbj class when i pick someone up and threw them on the ground, now when i do anything semi heavy pulling or anything like that, my arms and shoulders start seriously hearting again, have i pulled something or what? the numbness started a few days before and i dont know if that has anything to do with it or not. pain goes away after a few hours after relaxing with the help of laratabs, if i do a pull up it starts all over agian. still on cycle 600 mg of cyp a week with 20 mg of nolva im in week 9, any ideas. this sh*t is killing my to the point i cant work out...?

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    sounds like a pinched nerve or possible muscle damage. I had the same thing before (coincidentally, when I was on cyp, too--but I don't think there is a correlation to the cyp). I pinched my ulner nerve and would get numbness down my right arm to the 4 and 5 fingers (ring/pinky).

    there's really nothing you can do for it. But if it bothers you that bad (that you can't work) I'd go to the doc. Best he can do for you is script you for an EMG, which can tell, through electrical impulses, if you in fact did pinch a nerve.

    I know it sucks, man.

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