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    Help on delt injection

    Tried my first delt injection last night. Went fine unitl I had to aspirate . I just couldn't seem to pull plunger back with my two fingers, especially with the angle of the barrel. Do you guys go on the outer portion of the delt (which is what I did), or do you go towards the front of the delt (I figured this might be a little easier since the syringe would be closer and easier to get to?

    Anyone with suggestions??

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    Dark Dragon is offline New Member
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    outer delt is best, i did my front once... there's alot of nerves and blood vessels in that area, it was sore for 4 days. much more painful than the outer which usually i can hardly feel. also usually if the plunger is hard to pull back it means your in the muscle pretty well since it will be hard to get suction where there is no fluid to draw back.

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    as long as you dont get a flash of blood when you pull back you should be good to go.

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    I go in normally and then switch my hand position to use my thumb. Seems to work for me. Try it.

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