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Thread: back to basics

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    back to basics

    I have been out of the game for a while. In high school I pretty much just shot up anything I found and saw great results, but God only knows the crap I put into my body. I am looking to get my body looking good again, and was thinking about winstrol zambon amps. Would that alone produce results. I am not looking for size, just a fit physique. Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    ***If I only knew about resources like this a couple of years ago!***

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    If i was you i would just train hard and keep natrual for a while as you have been out of it for a time AS is not just a quick fix...........

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    boxo--by out of the game, I assume yu mean out of AS and not out of training! (I hope you kept up with some at least!)

    Tell us a bit more about you: how old are you, what are your stats, (age, height, weight, bf%), how you are trainign now and for how long.

    Zambon amps alone will give you some extra strength and harden you up a bit, but that's only useful if you have low BF already.

    If you add just a little testosterone to that I think you get a better basic stack, esp. if you are over 30. Adding EQ on top of the testosterone will bring out your veins, add more strength & size and basically do wonders!

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