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    Question New member needs advice

    I am a new member of AR and am considering using AS for the first time. My stats are 6'1 about 155 pounds (skinny yeh, i know) really cut up, but i am at the point where i want to gain mass and my metabolism is simply not letting me do so.. i consider myself strong for my size.. i go to the gym and lift heavy.. i was wondering what type of diet you guys reccommend when I'm on the AS.. most likely i will be stacking D-Bol with Test Depot..

    thanks in advance

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    Well, welcome to the board.

    6'1 155 is light. Which is NOT wrong at all, some people have a hard time putting on mass.

    How old are you, how long have you been training, and what does a day in the life of Bodyjihad's food consumption consist of?

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    There's lots of information here in many posts on the board, on that topic. It's a complex topic, so it's too hard to answer that in a simple manner. Keep reading posts to get some basic information.

    Eat a lot; you need a lot of energy and protien to grow. Eat quality food, eat lean meats and complex carbs, avoid fatty foods.

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    Welcome aboard Bodyjihad,

    like papapump said you need to give more info and as ajax said do some research. It'll help you with your decision about AAS and with a diet plan you'll need to eat big to get big.


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