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    My rant for the week ,,,,, sorry

    Sorry guys this is my rant for the week.

    ….this is my story

    I tried to push it off for so long but I think I am going to be joining the dark side again. I have tried all that I could to pass 165lbs(came from 150lbs) but I cannot, this is my plateau and I will overcome. People (you guys) tell me , first get a good base to start with , THIS IS MY BASE. I eat like a god damn horse all the time every time ! I take weight gainer and I bust my god damn ass in the ****ing gym every day . I don’t do girl lifts, I do , pull ups , BB rows, clean jerks, bench , squats , lunges ETC ETC ETC. I have noticed increase in strength while eating more but no weight gains above 165. I deserve more weight. I can no longer settle with the fact that I am 5’6 and only 165lbs.

    I am going to try Deca and winny but as of right now I am still doing my research and going to be getting all PCT ready and all that fun stuff. For a guy my size (and I am still research) what dosage would you guys recommend. To my knowledge people normally do 500mg a week correct ? Well I don’t want to get too much into this . I would rather look up for myself and learn. Well thanks for listening.

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    bro u def need to run some test with that cycle... the deca will shut u down and most likely give u deca dick if no test is added....

    but if u want to put on wight, y run the winni... the deca and test along with a good diet high in cals should give u great results...

    good luck bro

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    If i were you i'd go with a test enth at 400-500mg once a week for 12-14 weeks. maybe throw the deca in there. if going for straight bulking up i'd save the winny for another time. Do you already have the deca and winny or was that just wut u were plannin to get?

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