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Thread: female cycle

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    female cycle

    My wife will soon be starting her second cycle. shes 1.75cm and 63kg. Her body fat is around 17% which already low for a woman. Her diet will be high protein low carb and fat.
    She might use 25mg of primo tabs ed with 4 winny tabs
    25mcg t3 and 12 caps of hydroxicut.
    She wanted to add in 12.5mg of prov, but do you guys think thats a good idea? I don't want her to be shaving more than me!!
    Workout is 4 times weights and 5 times 45mins of cardio.
    Any suggestions out there?


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    I know of a few females that have used Proviron at a dosage of 25mg a day for last 4 weeks of contest prep., and got next to no side effects, however every one is different. I think she should get good results from what she's allready using, so i would leave it alone....XXL

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