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    feeling low 9wks off the gear. hcg?

    have been off gear for 9wks now. after the gear i did about 5 weeks pc(hcg for 2 weeks and clomid throughout) was taking test eth 2ml week x 10wks and viromone 3ml/wkx 12 weeks. my problem is that now i feel lethargic and like iv low test levels and was wondering if 3x1500iu shots would help or would it make it worse. any help would be great

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    I wouldn't use it, get some nolva and run it. Next time don't limit you PCT to a time frame, do PCT until your sex drive is back in full swing


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    That happened to me before. Quit pct apparently too soon. I felt useless, tired and had no motovation at all. You might want to try some trib/tongkat ali. Seemed to work for me. Good luck.

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    Running Clomid by itself is a very poor and primitive PCT method. I would highly recommend some Nolva and Aromasin as well as Clomid and Tribulus. I was on for like 6+ months and ran 6 weeks of PCT like that and feel good. I have run it with just Clomid before and felt like sh*t

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