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    Exclamation Cycle Critique please..

    I am 5'7...180 about 12.6 bf...i have done many cycles b4....prop...enan...ect...

    i ama currently thinking of going on Trenabolone help me break my plateu and shred me up....I was wondering if 6 weeks of tren ....and 6 weeks prop would be good or too harsh

    ed 100mg prop
    ed 100mg tren

    what type of results can i expect... i am going to come off with liquid clomid and Tribestan

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    I would run that cycle longer then 6 weeks. Plus if this is your first time with tren you dont need that dose, start lower. As far as results, it depends on the main purpose of the cycle. If you're trying to put on mass you can expect a consistant size increase over the course of the cycle, huge strength increases and maintain a hard appearance. If it's more of a cutter, it will harden you right up, great vascularity, burn off some fat and you'll still get some good size and strength increases.

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    If it was me i'll do
    week 1-10 100mg/day TEST P
    week 1-8 75mg/day TREN but as Ejuicer said you could begin at 50mg/day and see how you react and bump to 75mg/day!!

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