Hey guys what's up... Well quick question, on my right side nipple i've notice a little bit of lumps that puffed up my nipples a little... But didn't hurt or anything, then i took winstrol for weeks then aside from some minor joint pain; weeks later my right nipple started getting more puffy and it annoys me... It's not really bad bad when i press down on my nipple, it feels as if a thick needle is being pushed on the inside of my nipple towards my check.. I want to get rid of it so i want to try letro... I read the posts of dosages and stuff, just want to make sure this is good for me... Or what your opinions are... I am not to interested in cycleing anywhere in the near future, but if i do i want this to be taken care of. I do'nt like it. is their anything i should take along with my letro?.. B6 i think i read in other posts?... Again i'm not on a cycle now nor will I be for a while... What do you guys think?... and $60 with shipping is a bit crazy but hell, i'll pay if it can help my gyno.. Thanks