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    Hey guys, looking for advice on which to do first.

    I have never done steroids before, and i met some people who can get them and i know about all the effects and all that but im unsure if i would be gettin ripped off.... i was thinking of doing one of these...

    Sus 250- 250mg/ml 10ml bottle (This is the same blend as the Organon redijects)= $130

    Does this sound like it comes with enough to cycle with?? How does the price look... here are the others im considering...

    Enanthate 300- 300mg/ml (test enan) 10ml bottle= $115...

    Primobolan Depot (Methenolone Enanthate)- 100/mg/ml 10ml bottle= $150

    Masteron (Drostanalone Propionate )- 200mg/ml 10ml bottle= $140

    OK my questions are...
    1. what does mg/ml 10 ml mean... IS this enough to a full cyle?? Is there any that dont have enough to run a proper cyle?
    2. which one is safest for first time users
    3. which one will get you big and ripped which is what im looking for...

    Thank u so much if someone can help me...

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    the right one for you depends on what you wish to acheive. For a bodybuilder, I'd definitely recommend the test enan at 500mg a week for 12 weeks. You'll need to research how to shoot and how often, and your anti-e's and PCT (post cycle therapy ).

    mg/ml means milligrams of drug per millilitre of liquid. So if your test enan is 300mg/ml, and you need to take a shot that is 150mg, then you need to shoot 0.5 ml. you dig?


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    For instance...

    Your sust is 250 mg/mL

    Most would recommend 500mg per week. Therefore you would be shooting 2 mL per week to get your 500mg.

    The 10mL bottle you speak of would last you 5 weeks. You would wanna run it at least 10 weeks so you need at least two of those bottles.

    The Test E might be a better idea, run that at 500mg/week for 12 weeks make a perfect first cycle. You sound like you could use some more reseacrh though...

    Good Luck

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    first off you definitely need to do some more research, no question about that. the prices are steep but if that's all you can get then that's as good as the price is gonna get....test e is gonna be the best choice for a first cycle IMO and no, 10ml is not enough for any of the compounds you listed to do a full cycle IMO. lastley, steroids don't get you big and ripped....many things determine the results of a cycle such as diet, training, sleep ect....

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    first cycle should be test only. 10 ml is not even close to a full cycle and those prices are very very high!

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    Go with the test,thats what is recomended for first cycles. Sounds pricey tho

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    2 bottles of the test enanthate , taking two shots a week (1CC p/shot) spread out on a monday and patient you wont see any gains or changes (significant ones) for 4-5 weeks. and like everyone says.. a strict diet and supplementation plan,, etc,,

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