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Thread: lean mass cycle

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    lean mass cycle

    I am planning on running a lean-mass cycle. I want to take winny, tren (acetate or enathate). I think with the tren too, you are supposed to run some test, apparently test prop, so maybe that as well, if needed.
    How should I run these, I have only done 2 cycle before, one just a test (stupid) and the other test deca d-dol). Never tried anything else, so i am not sure how to set it up. I am 5'8, 180lbs. Any help would be great. Thanks

    Also not sure how the diet should be either taking a lean mass cycle, do you eat to bulk still?

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    your training and diet is key.,...not aas..but a test/tren cycle is a big help,......btw a test only cycle is not stupid....

    test prop/tren a is a good cycle given you can take the ed or eod shots..

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