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    For all those who do Spring Cutters!!!

    Ok two options here:
    1) Outline your best cutting cycle ever. Talk about the drugs and doses you used, starting and ending stats (bf and weight), duration and perhaps comment on the diet.

    2) Design a Spring cutter you'd like to do and why. Similar criteria as above.

    I've read a lot about people who like milder drugs like primo and var as their cutters, but i cant imagine how it'd be as effective as say tren .a/prop/masteron or winny or var or something. Perhaps primo at a lower dose can be added to a tren/prop/mast cycle.... also how many out there use fat burners and igf-1 in thier spring cutters?

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    this is an excelent thread. i am very interested.

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    I like something like this...

    test prop 100mg ed
    Equpoise 75mg ed
    tren A 75-100mg ed
    start the cycle with 6 weeks of winstrol at 50-60mg ed
    then switch to anavar for the last 6 weeks same doseage...

    I take heavy anti estrogens during a cutter also

    100mg clomid ed for 30 days
    20-40mg nolva for 30 days
    clenbuterol and T-3 2weeks on and 2 weeks off
    also b-12 injections ed for 30 days

    halotestin is also very good to harden up gains at end of cycle

    if this wont shred you, then you just wont ever get shredded

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    DNP works for me, just enought to shed some of the fat layer from the winter bulker.

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    I think halo would be a nice addition to a cutter for the last 4 weeks for sure!!! DNP i something i think i will try. I think the best way to get my feet wet is to follow the guidelines to a tee and just do a 1-8 = 200 and 9-12=400 dosing to see how the body likes it, that or just 1-14 @ 200. Perhaps clen before and after too, that could be a good help.

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    This summer I plan on doing prop 100ED for 9 weeks

    Then DNP for 20 days

    I will post results, as this will be my first time on either.

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