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    Dimethyl sulfoxide gel with winny tabs?

    I read that you can ground up primo tabs, and use DMSO (absorptive gel) to allow the drug to enter your blood stream from the skin. If entered from the skin, most of it would not be destroyed first off by the liver. Would this work for winny tabs? If so, does it matter where I apply it?

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    the absorption from dmso is lower than intramuscular or taking the drug orally. Also the hepatoxicity with 17aa is over hyped imo. I didn't believe it at first when guys were telling me this, so I tried it a few times stacking 17aa sometimes 3 deep, got bloodwork done, nothing to be concerned about. I was taking milk thistle and liv 52 at the time as I always do with orals. Bottom line, don't bother with dmso, it's not a great method of application/use and last time I had some smells pretty bad.

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    I used DMSO gel with finaplix -h pellets. I've read that you get about a 50% absorption rate with DMSO. I achieved good results but they would have been better with daily injections. The DMSO odor will really come out when you perspire a lot. You will need a lot body spray and strong antiperspirant (deoderant is not strong enough by itself).

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