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Thread: Cycle help, plz

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    Cycle help, plz

    My bro is 18 and he is about to start a cycle consisting of

    Test cyp. 200mg mon morning 200mg thurs night for 10 weeks
    Deca 250mg everymonday for 10 weeks
    Clomid 1 week after

    what can he expect from this cycle? Good results? Post any suggestions, I kno he is younge but he says hes taking all precautions possible, blood tests, PCT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enfantterrible06
    I kno he is younge but he says hes taking all precautions possible, blood tests, PCT.
    No he's not....otherwise he wouldn't be cycling. Tell him he needs to wait a few more years.

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    he will regret using roids @ this age he can achieve a good progress with supplements only @ this age

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    no need to use gear at his age his own testosterone should be ragin enuff at the moment to build muscle!jmo!

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    he's too young and probably doesnt know how to eat properly amongst a list of reasons why he shouldnt cycle. Just another kid looking for a get big quick scheme. Its pathetic that young kids think the only way they can get big is from steroids , when in reality steroids are only a small part of the equation.
    Read this

    Whats the right age to take steroids (GOOD READ)

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