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    First Cycle Critique

    Hey guys, new member looking for a little guidance..

    I started my first cycle based solely on the advice of a friend of mine, then found this forum.


    10 weeks
    1-10 Test Cypionate 450mg/wk
    1-10 Winny 50mg (daily)
    1-10 50mg Clomid (daily)

    The more I read on here, the more I'm thinking I received some bad advice. Should I continue this cycle, modifications, help? Will what I'm on be effective at all?


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    1. You will get more responses in the steroid questions forum.

    2. What MG per ml is your test? It may be easier to measure out 500mg vs 450.

    3. 10 wks is WAY to long to run winny.

    4. Save the clomid til the end of your cycle...for pct.

    5. Resaerch first cycles

    hope this helps

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    moved to steroid forum

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    bro what are u doing with your life?? only run winny last six weeks at most
    example: winny weeks 7-12 then start taking your clomid on week 13 and dont take it for more than 4 weeks. clomid is wayyyyyyyy better post cycle man get some other anti-e if you really need one for on cycle

    o and if 450mg is something you wont have a problem measurin out then shoot it i always use hella wack measurements i dont like letting the potency of my juice decide my dosage!

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