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Thread: cycle update

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    cycle update

    its (about)(loosing count with ed shots) 10th day in to my 50 day,prop,tren ,winny.
    i baked my stuff because the pain was totally unbarable,but its a little better now.
    im still not seeing an increase in body weight ,but for sure the bf% is dropping slowly,and my muscles are very defined and hard as nails.
    the muscles on my traps and delts will not allow me to lift my arms all the way up.
    after work outs the vains in my arms and chest are exposed but go away after a while,im sure by mid cycle they will be exposed 24/7
    if i were to measure the quality of this cycle id say it is by far the best one is hard to describe which type of cycle it is,but id say a cutting/bulk cycle.because i try to keep a clen diet to get the shredded effect,but im finding it hard to break away from the eating habits i picked up from all my bulk cycles,so sometimes i find myself gobbling down alot.
    as far as pictures go,you guys are just gunna have to wait another 40 days,because i want to show a day and night picture from my last pic,with nothing in the middle,sorry!!

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    Nice. Keep up the good work.

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    good job 4plates...keep that diet strict you can do it- just think about the results in the can always have whatever you may be craving after the cycle. Stay with that goal. keep us posted...

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    Good advice solid. You know cycles all come to your diet, and if you got that down pat...the rest is cake.

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    glad to hear all is good with you bro.. that looks like my next cycle too and i can't wait reading how it's going for you....

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    sound likes your coming along nicely good work 4 plates

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    It's exactly the same cycle I'll do in 3 months!! excepted I'll do it for 4 or 5 months and I'll add 5 months of GH at 4iu/day+eq...
    I can't wait to see all the effects and all this lean muscles I hope to gain!!!
    keep the good job you do bro! and keep us posted!!

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