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Thread: Deca Sus Stack

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    bjf17 is offline Junior Member
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    Deca Sus Stack

    I'm still trying to understand and plan the timing for pct and what you should take while on the cycle. But is deca /sus a good stack for size and strength? Remeber not trying to go all out with 3 or more. I think to would be good enough. No orals

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    ultimate_beef is offline Associate Member
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    Ya, deca /sust is a great cycle. Even though it takes a while to see results, the cycle is great. Getting some Nolvadex just in case gyno starts to appear is a good idea also. Whats your dosages going to be ? and is this your first cycle ?

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    mkrulic is offline Anabolic Member
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    run the test for at least an extra week. two is better. that will help considerably with pct. then any clomid or whatever 15 days after the last sust shot.
    if you can throw in tren you'll love it.

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    i wanted to try that stack hope its going good feed me some details if you want with a PM i actually went with the deca test E instead

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