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    is this gyno????

    guys whats up....i took cyp,tren and winny this spring into summer...i finished back in mid july and just recently i was feelin around and i feel something under my left nipple....not directly under it more towards the top...if i push directly in the middle of my nipped i dont really feel it...its not itching or right nipple seems to be fine although i feel a very small something in the same place...the right nipple might be me just looking for something but as for the this tissue that i never felt before or is this gyno??????????i never had this problem before....what can i do??????

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    lol im not telling :D
    i got lil gyno balls all around my boobs

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    If you are not on cycle right now, I would say not. But definitely something I would keep my eye on IMO.

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    i wouldnt take any chances...if its progesterone gyno (which tren would be the cause) it wouldnt itch only if its estrogen related....get letro and take it just to be safe.

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