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    After cycle results.. keeping the weight on!

    After finishing a 10 week cycle(400test, 300 deca + PCT), and gaining 25 pounds I have been able to keep 20 of the pounds!! It has been 2 months or more since finishing the cycle and I am eating as much as possible. Work out 4 days a week, I am not much into cardio but consistently do 20 minutes a day.

    However, I think I am gaining a bit of fat around the stomach area. I am not sure if I am eating a bit too much fat or sugars (2% milk, Peanut Butter, and weight gainer - cyto gainer)

    Is there something I can change in my diet, or in my routine, to try and keep the weight on, but not develop a belly in the process? Any advice is great..

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    can u givbe us complete diet? or summary of carb/fat protein?

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