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    How do mix/take HCG amps?

    It's my first cycle. I've taken all the usual precautions including getting some HCG for post cycle to kick start my balls again. It comes with one amp with powder and one amp with a solvent that has to be mixed.
    1) What's the best way to break the glass tops off?
    2) How do I mix it? Do I break both tops off, then draw all the solvent up and squirt it in the other amp that has the powder, then inject the mixture? Does the powder dissolve easily and quickly in the solvent?
    Any help for this newbie would be appreciated. I would ask my source but he's dieting for a show next week and has a bad attitude at the moment, so I'd rather leave him alone.

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    Yes, the powder does dissolve easily. The amps head part should break off easily at the neck area. You shouldn't have any problems.

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    Bro this is the best way to do it. Get a hnd towel and hold the buttom of the amp with it, take your other hand and use the other piece of towel to break the top of the amp ( do this very gently). Dont sqeeze too hard at the buttom or you will crush the amp.
    1. Break the amp with the slovent, then draw. Inject it into the amp with the powder, it mixes very easy bro. Then i would just draw all the HCG into one syringe and store it that way.
    2. If you have the 10,000IU i would split it up in three inj. 5,000IU into two inj.

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    The box says Pregnyl 5000IU on the front. It has 3 amps of powder and 3 of solvent. Does this mean each amp has 5000IU HCG in it or do all 3 together add up to 5000IU?
    All your help is appreciated.

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    each is 5000iu

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    Just make sure you store it in the refrigerator between shots .

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