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Thread: Joint Pain

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    G-S Guest

    Joint Pain

    I have another 10 days before Clomid, and have noticed substantial joint pain in the last few workouts.

    Whats up w/ that?

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    what are you cycleing?
    try glocosimine to lube up the joints ,its in your supermarket,you will find it next to the old lady with arthritis.

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    i ordered glucosmine choditrin(wrong spelling sorry) online and got it cause of my winnys ive included in my cycle but suppose to lub the joints .

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    deca works good for sore joints

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    deca works good for sore joints
    Ya but not 10 days before clomid. Sorry to hear about your pain bro. Maybe you are working out too hard on your cycle and putting too much strain on your joints. If it's winny pain it'll go away after your cycle. If it's strain which I think it might be, you'll need to take it easy for awhile. Nonetheless, good luck bro.

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