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    Help Fine Tune My Cutting Cycle

    Planning cycle for early next year, Summer comes early in south Texas so I want to be hard and cut and ready for the beach season. Here it is:
    1-12 Test Prop 100mg/ED
    1-6 Tren A 75mg/ED
    7-12 Winny 50mg/ED
    Question is should I run the Tren first or the Winny?
    Also have enough Anavar to run 50mg/ED for 6 weeks. Should I add this with the Tren or would this be a waste? Should I save it for another cycle?
    I have done all these compounds before with no bad sides.
    Of course I have my Anti-E's and PCT.
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    in my opinon it looks fine....i personally like winny to run at the end of cycles to help solidify gains. i dont know about the var but maybe i would save it for another cycle considering both the tren and the prop are fast acting. also, winny i think that winny dries the joints out pretty bad so have some glucosamine or deca at 150 mgs a week to lube up your joints

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