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    Cool what do u think?

    i jus got my next cycle together and i wanted to ask some of the pros what they thought about it and how i should take it....i got 20 duratast amps 250mg...2 bottles of deca ttokkyo300mg...and 200 dbol the romanians 5mg/ tryin t pack on some serious size im about 185lbs 6'1" with a pretty good bf that im not sure about heres a pic any advice or comments(good or bad) will be taken gratefully

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    where's the pic?

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    500 mg duratest a week for 10 weeks
    400 mg deca a week for 10 weeks
    35 mg dbol ed weeks 1-4

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    What Arthur said....

    And I think "What do you Think" is a bad subject line. "What do you think about my Duratest/Deca /Dbol Cycle" will get a lot more responses.

    Just trying to help!

    Ajax: Helping AR members write better subject lines for over three months
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    like art said but id bump the dbol to 50 mg ed.
    it will blow you up so we can see you in your pic

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