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    Question on Cutting up.

    Alright. I am 5"10 255 with about 28% body fat. Trying to lose about 40 to 50 pounds and stay there. I am fixing to get some Winstrol Tabs 2mg each, stack them with clenbuterol while using Hydroxycut. Will this cut me up on a 8 week cycle. By cardio and working out everyday? Thanks

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    sup, stangt9. let me be the first to welcome you to AR! first read the rules and cycleon's post, etc. start doing cardio way before you jump on that cut cycle. you 'll want to try to hit a fat loss plateau before you start taking all that. maybe start w/ some hydroxycut or xenedrine alone. how's your diet. try cutting your carbs by 50%, upping protein by 50%, cut out all sugar, including fruit and hitting cardio 3-4 times/wk for 45 minutes each. keep hitting the weights.

    peace and good luck,

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    Forget the winny. 2mg pills are worthless, you need 25-50mg a day of winny to be effective--and winny is for developing hard, defined muscle, until you are under 16%, that is irrelevant, you can't see them!

    Winny does not burn fat. Never has, never will.

    Diet & cardio are the foundation, Hydroxycut (an ECA stack) and Clen will help--but only if your diet & cardio are good already.

    Plan of taking six months to a year to lose the 40-50 lbs. Pace youself and do it healthy.

    More fun facts from my new FAQ!

    Q: Which steroids cause fat loss?

    A: Steroids have no direct effect on fat loss. Adding muscle will lower your body fat level and make you look leaner, but steroids don’t burn fat, they build muscle.

    Having more lean body mass means you will burn more calories per day, which might lead to fat loss. Having more muscle gives you a lot more motivation to lose fat and show off what you worked so hard to achieve!

    ECA (Ephedrine, Caffeine and Aspirin), Clenbuterol (Clen) and T3 (a thyroid hormone also know as Cytomel or liothyronine) are used to burn off fat.

    Q: What is the best drug for losing fat?

    A: You might not want to hear this, but the best way to lose fat is diet and cardio. (Cardio is slang for aerobic exercises like running, swimming, bike riding, step machine, etc.)

    Diet and cardio are the foundation of any fat loss program. A good diet is not too strict; you want to reduce your caloric intake by 1000 calories a day--that will results in about one pound of fat loss a week. Doing cardio for 45 minutes a day 3-5 times a week will also burn calories and increase your body’s metabolism. Upping the amount of cardio will increase fat loss--but it may also increase muscle loss as well.

    If you are on a good program of diet and cardio, you can then consider things like ECA, Clen and T3 to raise your metabolism and accelerate fat loss. Don’t even consider ECA, Clen and T3 until you have a good diet and cardio program that works. Unless those are working, the abovementioned drugs won’t do much of anything for you.

    T3 is a synthetic version of the human thyroid hormone and should be used only with extreme care and under rigid dosing schedules. Many body builders won’t touch it due to the “rebound effect.” T3 shuts down normal thyroid functions and may keep them suppressed for a considerable amount of time after you quit taking it, thus causing you to become fat again once you stop. The longer you use T3 and the larger the doses, the worse the rebound effect becomes.

    Don’t expect miracles. Losing 1-2 pounds of fat a week is about the best you can expect and 3 pounds a week is pushing it. Losing more than that is unhealthy and usually results in a rebound effect once the diet is over. (The rebound effect is where you add back the weight you lost--and sometimes more.)

    Fat doesn’t grow overnight--so don’t expect to lose it overnight either.

    Q: What are the differences between bulking and cutting stacks?

    A: When creating a bulking stack, the steroids are selected for their mass building qualities. When creating a cutting stack, steroids are generally selected to bring out certain muscle features such as hardness and vasculalrity. Some basic “building block” steroids such as testosterone , Deca (nandrolone ) and EQ (boldenone ) are often used in both bulking and cutting stacks. Anadrol and Dianabol (dbol ) are generally used only in bulking stacks due to high water retention. Winny and Fina are know for creating a hard, defined muscle look and are often used in cutting stacks.

    Cutting stacks often incorporate a reduced calorie diet, cardio and Clen, T3 and / or ECA to burn off fat. Steroids are primarily incorporated into a cutting stack not to add mass, but to prevent muscle atrophy, (Dieting not only burns fat but can burn muscle as well, steroids help reverse the muscle atrophy process.)

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    Ive been using hydroxycut. and have lost weight slowly started cardio about 2 weeks ago every night.. I can get some winny for 79 bucks for 60 pills, its 50mg, stacking that with clen should help me cut up and hard up correct? I dont really need to bulk up at all, Im at 255 and have a bench of 300, leg press 1200 , and a squat of 325, all im trying to do is loose this beer gut and get cut! Help!

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    Right behind your...
    Focus on your fat loss goal.

    "Loose the beer gut?" Loosing the beer would really help. Good Luck!

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    diet is the keyword, you need to eat clean food during your 8 week cycle, no cheat days and no cheat meals! Winny will make your veins appear but wont burn fat, cycle 2 week ECA 2 week Clen
    eat 6-8 small portions a day. Dont overdo cardio, 3 times 30 min running, cycling or stepmaster (high difficult level) would be enough. Rotate cardio machines, do not stick with only one cardio machine, rotate carbs, each day consume different amount and different source of carb to schock your metabolism. Oatmeals, steam cooked rice, potatos are good choice. Stay away from milk and byproducts. No sugar no sodium and no bad fat. Olive oil is ok. No carb intake after 6pm Use flaxseed oil, get 2 gr or more protein per each lb of your bodyweight
    Good luck

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    I just wanted to say great job to Ajax on his post!! That was right to the point and easy to understand! I think the mods should make that a sticky.


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    Ajax hit the nail right on the head with his answer, he is exactly right, couldn't have said it better myself.

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