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    Buddy wants Dbol only cycle

    Ok my training partner is interested in trying some Dbol this winter. He's never used steroids . I told him that unless he adds some injectable testosterone in there, he will loose all the gains.

    He told me he's not ready for injectables as they freak him out. Told him there is nothing too it, doesn't hurt when done right at all. I also told him not too run an oral for more than 4 weeks as it can start to raise liver values and negatively affect cholesterol as well.

    So he really wants to use Dbol for 4 weeks and see what happens. Should I just hook him up and let him try (and cry when he looses it all) or do I keep pounding it in his brain that he needs an injectable testosterone ?

    I don't get what's up with this mentality. When I decided to take steroids, it was all or nothing. I used an injectable test on day 1.

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    Its not recomended,like you say you lose the gains,liver problems etc.
    I ran a d-bol only cycle an somehow kept some gains. Let him try it

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    if he's not ready for injectables, he's not ready for steroids . Its amazing how many people are freaked out by a little needle!

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    myself and 2 of my friends did dbol only cycles as our first. while the results werent outstanding, we all kept around 6or7 pounds (unfortunately some of that was fat). I wouldnt do a dbol only cycle again and i wouldnt recommend it, but i definitely dont think a dbol only cycle is a waste.

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    not recommending it but lavinco had some good luck with dbol only i'm sure he'll chime in pretty soon for ya

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