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    Arrow the wrong way...

    hi i'm brand new to this board..and i'm really seeking help...

    here's my story :

    it' been two years i'm trainnig serioulsy, started a 140 lbs 5''10...

    went to about 155 naturally, i'm a skninny person so i really had hard time hard gaining weight... Even eating 6-7 meals a day, proteins ... i always had a good tight shape but i needed more, seeing buffed guys at the gym...

    in febuary i did deca and went to about 165 wich is not taht heavy but lots of people tought i was 180 +...

    i had no side effects and kept the my weight till the exam rush at school and i had no time for gym and to eat well...

    so the last two weeks of july i really freaked out and bought sustanon 250 and stanozolol (in caplets)...

    i took 2 shoots of sustanon per week plus 4 tabs of stanozolol a day...

    i did 9 shoot of sustanon250 and went trough my bottle of stanozolol in 5 weeks...i follwed a beef guy tips when i shouldnt!
    here are the result :

    sorry for the ''gay'(no offense to gay poeple) style pics.....

    i went to about 180 and had no problem...for now

    after a month i got down to 160 and i'm having acne problem
    the result :

    i'm really having hard time gaining weight and looking foward to redo steroid but the way it should be done with good advice..

    i'm having hard time with my arm and back acne(nothing on the chest or face)
    anyway to cure this?

    i'm seeking help from the pros and i hope my story could help anyone...



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    Canada Ehh...
    well for a first cycle I would stick to 500mg test-e/week for 12 weeks
    20mg nolva/day
    nolva and clomid for pct.
    not doing proper pct is probaly why you are getting some bad acne. it is caused by an imbalance of hormones. dawn dish soap should probaly clear it right up, it dosent look that bad. do some research and put a cycle together and post it for critique.
    spend time researchig: first cycle, pct, test/test only cycle

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    thanks for helpin dive ;-)

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