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    Juice + pro-horomone ?

    I'm currently running some primo and test prop. I was thinKing about adding a lil winny and Anabolic Xtreme's :ErgoPharm + Stanazol. I was thinking of usuing these 5 in the middle of my cutting phase to take a week or two to add a lil size through clean dieting, lots of protein and insulin spiking(Cycle Dieting) I would only run the PRO's for two weeks, however I'm thinking that my natural test production might be severly compromised- requiring higher doses of the test prop after words just to compensate. Which isn't what i'd like to do. SO WHAT DO U GUYS THINK? add the pro horomones?

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    How much Primo and Prop are you going to run and for how long??

    I haev ran the 2 (3 if including the Winny) several times and love it!!!

    Lets see if I can help

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