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    using insulin syringe to measure oral solution

    it's okay to reuse the same syringe right? also will 29g work or do i need to get larger needles?

    i ordered l-dex and clomid/nolva but i don't know how to measure them out with the little dropper they came with. thanks.

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    yeah an insulin syringe will be fine and yes you can reuse the same syringe as long as you're not injecting yourself with it you'll be fine. Try taking off the needle with some needle nose plyers. It's a lot easier to extract the liquid from the dropper without having to go through the needle, and going directly into the syringe.

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    Alot of places give you the plunger when you order the liquid forms of nolva/clomid, etc.

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    You can also go to a pharmacy like Walgreens or CVS and get a oral syringe they use for babbies.

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    Make sure if you keep using the same insulin syringe that you check the needle for rust. That can get into your shiznit and be no good for you.

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