Sup fellas... Just decided to write a little update to see if anybody was interested or had any questions/comments… I am currently on week 4 which of a 1-10 (or 12) Test E 500 mg per week and 1-5 (or 6) 50 mg of t-bol per day cycle... I am up 15 lbs so far (195-210lbs) and strength gain has been pretty good. One thing I started to realize a little bit ago was that I am seeing veins I never knew I had. I am not a veiny person at all and I am eating like a madman so this is really surprising and making me real happy. The veins are probably due to the t-bol. I just upped the t-bol to 75 mg this passed week. Through out the day I usually feel a pump and pretty tight. It’s a real good feeling. Although when I do chest and even biceps my shoulders get so tight it’s painful. I don’t know if it’s my shoulder injury coming back or maybe the t-bol causing a very potent pump. Anybody have any suggestions or knows anything about this? Well if anybody has any questions or something to add it would be great. Thanks bros!!