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Thread: Liquidex?

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    Question Liquidex?

    Can anyone suggest a good site for info on liquidex? Or maybe some personal experiences? Thanx!

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    There is no place like ho
    Sounds like to me you are asking for a source...
    I like Liquidex, it is good stuff, tastes great too..

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    I don't know if this is considered source posting. I don't see why it would be but if it is I am REALLY SORRY! Feel free to delete this thread. You can get Liquidex @

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    Shouldn't really be considered source posting when it's legal, right ??? That's like someone pointing me in the direction of obtaining clomid. I know that one thing will lead to another and then people will start asking for sources of other stuff, but still, it's legal to import clomid / nolvadex / arimidex , so if there's a web-site people can get it from, why not share the wealth ?

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