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    Winny with Anavar

    COuld I take 50mg winny/day with 20-30mg anavar /day with no problems? I know winny is hard on the liver, but anavar isn't. So this should be ok right?

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    In the Gym, if i could
    i've run it.. didn't like it..

    did dbol and anavar at the same time.. had slight out of norm range..

    but my cholesterol was 325..
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    I think I know what others are going to say....however my first cycle I ran winstrol 25mg a day + anavar at 20mg for 6 weeks and lost a shit load bodyfat and got hard. I plan on doing this same cycle at winstrol 30mg(its hard as hell on my joints and kills my lifting above this dose) and anavar 20-30mg with one hell of a clean diet and see what happens. I loved it, not like I loved test, but def. a good cycle to get hard on.....

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    Btw, I was injecting winstrol 50mg EOD(6 weeks) + 20mg anavar capsule(4 weeks) hope this helps.

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