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Thread: in turkey

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    in turkey

    i am currently in turkey, and i want to pick up some gear while i am here.. any advise on what to pick up and what to stay away from.. i would perfer inj. but i was thinking of picking up atleast something.

    one of the guys that looked around at one place said he saw virigen, anapolon, and primobolin.

    looking up the info,, virigen, is real weak unless alot taken. anapolon sounds strong as hell with alot of bad side effects. and the primobolin i couldnt find info on...

    thanks for any help....

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    per week

    3 * 250 sustanon
    2* primobolan


    2 anabolan morning + evening
    1 nolvadex

    it is 6 weeks cycle and take lots of protein as u can .

    after cycle , Pregnly ( 5000 IU)

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