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    my first cycle !!

    Whats up Bros,
    Im 23 years old an Ive been training for about 2 years.I just finished my first cycle,300 deca ,2-bottels 200 test,I was weighing 158 when i first started in march i now weigh 189.Im gonna weight 2 months then try another cycle,300 deca,200 test,d-bol.How would you guys recommend taking this stack.
    Thanks Bros:

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    300 deca per week
    400 test per week
    30mg d-bol per day for weeks one through five.
    You might want to try doing a different type of test than you took for your first time, and maybe EQ instead of deca. You probably won't gain as much as you expect if you take almost the same cycle over again.

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    Fantastic gains on the first go. Ryan thru a good idea . Don't expect another 30 lbs this time. Maybe change gears like he said, and then go back to deca and test. I don't think changing test esters will make that much a difference. Test is test, but changing deca to eq and adding dbol can do wonders.

    Good luck. You better have your nolva and clomid.

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    thanks for the tips bros,i might just go ahead an try some sus,eq

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