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    Smile Cycle Opinions Please

    Opinions on this Bulk cycle please,
    It is for someone who is 200lbs, 6'0", 11% BF, 30 years
    The idea is not to push on the same test ester, rather change every 3 weeks so the body gets a continuous change without having time to immune itself againt the gear.

    Week one
    2 testex + 2mls BD eq + 2mls Trenbolone

    Week two
    4 Testex + 2ml eq + 3mls Trenbolone

    Week three
    4 Testex + 3mls rq + 3mls Trenbolone + 2 proviron

    Week four
    5 testex + 3mls eq + 2 mls Trenbolone + 2 prov +1 clomid

    Week five
    5 sustenons + 2 mls Masteron + 3 mls Primobolan + 2 prov +1 clom.

    Week six
    4 sustenons + 4mls Masteron + 3 mls Primobolan + 2 proviron +1

    Week seven
    4 sustenons + 3mls masteron + 3mls Primo + 2prov + 1 clomid + 5000

    Week eight
    3 sustenons + 1ml masteron + 1ml Peimobolan + 2 prov +1 clomid
    +5000 HCG

    Week nine
    3 Testex + 3 sustenons +4 mls Methandriol + 2 prov + 1 clomid +
    5000 uis HCG

    Week 10
    2 testex + 3 sustenons +4mls methandriol + 2 prov +1 clomid +5000

    Also 60 tabs of 10mg Novaldex to prevent gyno starting on the 4th
    week of the cycle. One per day.

    this cycle has :

    20 testex
    22 sustenons
    70 proviron tabs
    60 clomid
    1 HCG kit ( 15.000uis )
    1 novaldex ( 60 tabs )
    1 Trenbolone BD 10mls vial
    1 Masteron BD 10mls vial
    1 Primobolan BD 10mls vial
    1 Methandriol BD 10mls vial

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    dont like it mate,dont pyramid your doses,keep the doses at the same level throughout the cycle this will keep your bloodlevels stable and will make for better gains and less sides!
    how many cycles have you ran,wat are your stats?

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    what is your cycle experience?

    I dont even know where to begin commenting, but that cycle is very poorly planned. What is point of throwing in different compounds every couple of weeks?

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    Smile Update

    The cycle is for a friend. He has done 3 cycles. 1 with deca and sust only. A second with Wins, dbol and deca. A third with teste & dbol. He says he has received his best results from the third cycle, but wants to "break out". I have absolutely not enough experience to suggest anything to him having never done a cycle myself. These are his measurements as of today. He is 30 years old, 6'0" 200lbs
    Right Arm 16.25
    Left Arm 16.25
    Chest 42.75
    Waist 35
    Right Leg 23
    Left Leg 22.75
    Right Calf 15.75
    Left Calf 15.5
    Body Fat + or - 11%

    He lifts 5 days a week and consumes about 4000 calories of which approx. 350g are proteins. He was suggested this cycle by his supplier, but I suggested he check here first.

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    THis is wrong all the way. Stay with one test. That hgh kit will be waist. Do more research I would help but it so bad that I cant do anything with it.

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    wow man this is one of the worst.

    there is no need for that much gear. also you need to keep all dose's even.

    the trust is that tren and test is all that you need. you need to go to the profile form and read a little.

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