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    your thoughts please


    sorry, I usually dont feel a need to post. I have been reading up alot since I became a member, But I feel I am willing to Run a cycle of test E.

    I was wondering if you can give me your thoughts.

    I was thinking a 12 week run... I am picking up four 10 ml bottles, 200 mg/ml... do you think this is enough for a run, or would it be too much? Ive looked at the example cycles, however I still wanted some input.

    any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I also Have my anti e's coming with this order.

    so please... let me know what you think, I would be greatly appreciative for your aid..

    thanks mates


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    At 200mg/ml I assume it's Cyp?

    12 weeks at 400-500 mgs weekly is a good first cycle.


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    Thats is more than enough my friend.

    500 mgs is the norm advise for a first cycle. I'm guessing that was your plan on dosage?

    Good luck.

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