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    is my anadrol 50 real?

    i recently purchased some anadrol 50 (oxymetholone) and some omnadren 250 (testosterone blend).i found the omnadren 250 listed in anabolics 2005
    but the anadrol was not in the packaging. the anadrol are green hexed-shaped pills that say 50 on one side.are they real?what country are they from and what company makes them if they are real?

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    with out seeing a pic, i know bd makes some, but if you could post a pick it would help

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    British Dragon Abombs are green but they are that rules them out.

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    i have used green hexed-shaped pills that say 50 on one side in the passed. they were real. wish i could find them again. it is possible that they are faked by now tho. all u have to do is take one to see if its real. it should taste mild and sweet like sugar. if you take it in the morning you will want to rip someones head off by noon. also sexdrive up right away. if ur going to take that please research and drink 1 gal. of water a day. that shit is serious bro. u dont wanna b pissing blood.

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    There are alot of the hex tabs still being made...BD outsourced them to a company in china wh still sells them and now british dragon makes their own and they are square...I'm 99% sure your tabs are real...

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    i have just got oxymetholone there in a brown bottle of 100 made by alhavi iran do u no if they are good or fake

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