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Thread: Ugl ?

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    Ugl ?

    I need some help. I got some gear from a source. He says its quality. Im never heard about any of these companys and cant find it on the web. . Also i think it might be a underground labortory. is it safe ? Is it good quality ? what are my chances and how does this rate up to other company;s
    thanks fellaz
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    Sounds like a legit human grade pharmacy, on the off chance it isn't you should edit your post-you're not allowed to name ugl's here anymore. PM your question to a mod or vet.

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    Nov 2005
    my fault. i remember reading that thread. just slipped my mind. thanks though

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    i edited your post rocky I also sent you a PM reguarding your other thread being deleted Please check that bro.... Good response shortie take heed to the advice rocky best of luck


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